Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My love for Vintage

My love for all things vintage started when I was really young.  I probably watched entirely too many old movies where the love stories were Epic and everything was Glamorous.  This definitely fueled my love for Vintage Engagement Rings.  These are some of my favorite rings from Erstwhile Jewelry Co.  They have the most glamorous Antique and Art Deco engagement rings.  They are all so different from the basic and generic engagement rings that are more common now.  Just looking at them takes me back to a time where love letters were written and kept for safe keeping.


  1. i love vintage things too! I go crazy over them. I spend lots of time in thrift stores and yard sales looking for that item that feels like it has a special piece of history. Those engagement rings are timeless!


  2. Hi, Kitty! Thanks for checking out Intentionally Inspiring Mamas. So glad you stopped by because I LOVE your blog!!! Can't wait to read your updates :)


  3. I love vintage as well! Thrift stores are my fave place to go for vintage finds :)
    Hope your weekend is going great!

    xo -S

  4. Love it too! Just has a great feel to it! Thanks for stopping by Remember Ember! Now your newest follower! =)